Cottages in the Tatra Mountains – enjoyable holidays in Poland

Tatra valleys

If you love hiking amidst beautiful nature, our Tatra cottages will conquer your heart right away The Chochołowska Valley (Dolina Chochołowska) and the largest pasture in the Tatra Mountains where the traditional sheep pasturage takes place and where crocuses grow in the spring are a stone throw away. Don’t forget to visit the 8-km-long Kościeliska Valley (Dolina Kościeliska), the most famous one in all of Western Tatras, surrounded by Ornak, Kominiarski Wierch and Smreczyński Wierch as well as many other stunning peaks. The Little Meadow Valley (Dolina Małej Łąki), with the breathtaking views of the Giewont, and the Lejowa Valley, quiet and peaceful, far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life, are a true must-see during your stay.

Hiking adventure

If you’re thirsty of adventures and would love a kick of adrenaline in your veins, this wonderful myriad of mile-long trails taking you to the most famous of the Tatra peaks will suit your taste like no other. Kościelisko is the best starting point for the higher parts of the Western Tatras, e.g. the Starorobociański Wierch (2175 m), Ornak (1854 m) and the Tomanowa Pass (Przełęcz Tomanowa, 1686 m). The Red Peaks (Czerwone Wierchy) are equally stunning. They are comprised of four peaks: Kopa Kondracka (2005 m), Małołączniak (2096 m), Krzesanica (2122 m) and Ciemniak (2096 m). If you’re skilled enough, try some more advanced trails, like the one leading from Zawrat to the Krzyżne Pass (Przełęcz Krzyżne). The trail is called the Eagle’s Path (Orla Perć).

White Craze

If you’re fond of the white fluff, you’ll fall head over hills with this place. The nearest neighbourhood offers a wide range of skiing and snowboarding resorts. All the ski lifts and pistes are well-prepared, differing in their length and level of difficulty, but each of them being equally fabulous: Witów-Ski, Polana Biały Potok, Chotarz - Ski Kościelisko, UBOC Witów and Pod Butorowym Kościelisko. Should you feel like polishing your skills, their instructors are at your disposal.

Extreme experiences

If you’d love some adrenaline in your veins, these 3-bedroom cottages will be a perfect choice for you. There’s no chance you’ll ever get bored here. Both the city of Zakopane and its surroundings offer a whole myriad of various attractions, like for instance quad or snow scooter rides, scenic glider flights, mountain hiking, mountain rafting or traditional winter sleigh rides crowned with a campfire feast. Unforgettable memories guaranteed!

Thermal bath relaxation

Zakopane, on which our Podhale cottages in Kościelisko neighbour, offers so much more than simply hiking trails and lots of ski pistes. The local thermal baths are absolutely top of the top. Let your hair down and indulge yourself in one of the thermal pools which the region is so famous for. The best of them are surely the Chochołowskie Thermal Baths (Termy Chochołowskie), Bukovina Thermal Baths (Termy Bukovina), Bania Thermal Baths (Termy Bania), Zakopane Aquapark and the Szaflary Thermal Baths (Termy Szaflary). Hot pools, sauna sessions, soothing massages and lots of other attractions for body and soul alike... Pamper yourself a bit!