Applies since 25 May 2018.

This document describes our Privacy Policy and is intended to set out the principles under which we process and use the data and information provided by you when using our services. It also includes information on the rights of natural persons in relation to the data disclosed by them.

What is the legal basis for data processing?

In accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), we provide information as described below.

Who is your Data Controller?

Your Data Controller is Karol Dubiał UDANYPOBYT having its seat in Zakopane, ul. Szymony 17A/5, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland, entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business, NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL 5891045661, REGON (National Business Registry Number): PL 220233136, hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller.

The Data Controller provides their services through the website available at, hereinafter referred to as the Website, as well as through the telephone number and e-mail address published on the Website.

The Data Controller does their utmost to process all the data in accordance with the purpose for which it has been collected and to use it in accordance with the prerequisites and categories of the processed data permitted by the law.

The Data Controller shall take all the commercially reasonable technical and organisational measures to ensure that all the information made available to us is stored securely and protected against unauthorised access, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

The Data Controller shall not make available or sell any data collected either as a result of observing the provided services or providing services to third parties for any purpose without your express consent.

For what purpose do we process your data?

We process your data in order to provide services, perform the contract concluded by and between the Parties to this Contract as well as in case of granting relevant consents – also for marketing purposes. Your data is subject to profiling so that we can provide you with the most advantageous offer tailored to your preferences as well as to carry out analyses which allow us to improve our services and maximise the personalisation of the communication. In this way, we ensure the safety of our services and can easily detect possible misuse.

How do we obtain your data?

Giving your data is voluntary, but necessary to provide services. Your personal data is collected amongst others through:

online forms – information collected via forms available on the Website run by the Data Controller for contact purposes, making enquiries, placing orders and expressing opinions.

off-website contact – the Website run by the Data Controller includes contact data such as the telephone number and e-mail address which allow the User to contact the Data Controller.

network traffic data and statistics concerning the visits on the Website run by the Data Controller.

through cookies – for details, please check the cookie policy.

What data do we collect?

In order for us to provide services, the Client must provide us with certain personal data. The Data Controller may process amongst others the following personal data:

surname and forenames,

company name and tax identification number,

personal identity number numer and/or passport number, ID number or number of any other document proving your identity,

address of permanent residence,

correspondence address if other than the address of your permanent residence,

telephone number,

e-mail address.

We may also process the following data characterising your use of the Website (the so called usage data):

designations which identify the Client based on the aforementioned data,

designations which identify the termination point of the telecommunications network or the data communication system used by the Client,

information on beginning, ending and the scope of using the Website,

information on using the Website by the Client.

In order to perform the Contract or any other legal action with the Client, we may also process other data which is necessary due to the nature of the provided service or the manner of its settlement.

How long will we process your data?

Your data shall be processed until you revoke your consent or for the duration of the contract concluded by and between us and until we fulfil our legal obligations.

What are your rights as the data subject?

You may access and rectify your data as well as request the restriction of your data processing on account of your particular situation and lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority and, in case of granting consent, to withdraw the consent at any time, whereby the withdrawal of the consent given will not affect the lawfulness of the data processing prior to the withdrawal.

Amendment of this Policy

The Data Controller reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. The amended version shall be posted on our website and shall enter into force with immediate effect as described above.


You can call us or e-mail us using the contact data published at