Terms and Conditions – special conditions for renting apartments, cottages and rooms in Zakopane


Udanypobyt – Karol Dubiał UDANYPOBYT having its seat in Zakopane, ul. Szymony 17A/5, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland, entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business, NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL 5891045661, REGON (National Business Registry Number): PL 220233136, being a party to the accommodation contract for a short-term stay with the Client.

Website – a website operating as the www.udanypobyt.pl or tatrzanskiedomy.pl domain

Client – a natural person, a legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality, but which can acquire rights and incur obligations in their own name, being a party to the contract for temporary use of accommodation (accommodation contract for a short-term stay), which is at the disposal of Udanypobyt, or which has registered an account on the Website.

I. General provisions

These Terms and Conditions set out the conditions under which you can make bookings and rent accommodation. Making a booking on the Website is tantamount to accepting these Terms and Conditions. The contract between the Client and the Facility Owner is concluded at the moment of the Client making a booking either online or by telephone.

II. Booking

1. In order to book a service, the Client books their stay online or per telephone. A preliminary booking made at the chosen facility is sent to the Client’s e-mail address, the booking is valid for 24 h – within this time period, the down payment calculated should enter the Company’s bank account. If the down payment is not made within 24 h, the system cancels the booking.

2. The down payment for the stay can be made at the moment of making the booking through the safe payment system Dotpay, with which the Company Udanypobyt has concluded a relevant contract. Then, the booking is given the confirmed status immediately.

3. The booking is valid at the moment of crediting the bank account of the Udanypobyt Company.

4. After the Company has received the down payment for the booking, the Client is sent a confirmation of the payment per e-mail, together with the voucher with all the data necessary to execute the stay in question, especially the contact data of the Facility Administrator responsible for handing over the keys.

5. The final confirmation of the booking, together with the voucher, constitutes the Rental Contract, which enters into force subject to the Client having paid the whole amount due within the time periods and in accordance with the rules indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

6. The Client is obliged to make the payment due for the stay in cash or by card is so stated on the voucher to the receptionist of Udanypobyt, who then provides them with the keys to the chosen facility.

7. There is a local tax which is not included in the stay price, paid in cash on the day of the check-in.

8. Credit card and e-transfer transactions are settled through the Dotpay Settlement Centre.

III. Rental Contract Conditions

1. The Contract concluded by and between the Facility Owner and the Client covers only the rental of the Facility. The rental price includes utilities (electricity, gas, water, heating – in the heating season) as well as the final cleaning.

2. Collecting the keys – the arrival should take place at the time agreed with the person responsible for handing over the keys. The hotel day starts at 4:00 pm on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 am on the day of departure, unless agreed otherwise with the person handing over the keys.

3. If the Client is unable to arrive at the previously agreed time, they are obliged to notify the person responsible for the keys about this fact without delay.

4. Checking in after 10:00 pm and checking out before 7:00 am should be reported in advance and agreed with the person handing over the keys.

5. The Client is obliged to pay the total amount shown on the voucher even if, for reasons beyond the Facility Owner’s control, the arrival or the stay is delayed or shortened (transport difficulties, personal problems).

6. The Client is obliged to immediately notify the person responsible for handing over the keys about any incidents that may expose the Facility Owner to damage.

7. The Client may use the premises only for residential purposes and may not hand them over to third parties without the Owner’s consent.

8. The Client is liable for any damage caused to the equipment of the premises and the premises themselves. The Client undertakes to immediately notify the person handing over the keys about any damage caused and to pay therefor no later than on the day of departure.

IV. Obligations of the Client

1. The number of persons to reside at the facility is limited to the number given in the characteristics of the facility. The Client is obliged to inform the Udanypobyt company by telephone or e-mail about any change to this number. If the number of residents exceeds the aforementioned number, the person responsible for handing over the keys may refuse to give them to the Client.

2. If the Client loses or destroys the keys and the remote control, they shall be charged PLN 200 therefor.

3. The Client is obliged to observe the principle of good neighbourliness and maintain the property in its present condition.

V. Changes to the booking

1. Changing the date of the stay. The down payment made is not refunded. Once the down payment has been made, the date of stay may be changed once, provided that the change is made 14 days before the planned date of stay and that it has been agreed with the office in advance.

2. Extending the stay – the stay at the given facility can be extended if the current occupancy allows it. Such a wish should be reported to the Company immediately by e-mail or by telephone.

VI. Transfer of the Client’s rights and obligations to another person

The Client may transfer all the rights to which they are entitled under the booking to another person at any time, provided that this person also accepts all the obligations resulting from this booking. The Client must report this change to the Owner without delay, giving all the personal data of the new person taking over the rights and obligations resulting from this Contract.

VII. Complaints

Complaints as well as any other disputable issues should be sent to the following e-mail address: biuro.udanypobyt@gmail.com or reported under the following telephone number: +48 18 2016286. Reports are accepted during the office working hours given on the home website.

VIII. Booking cancellation

1. If the Client cancels their booking which has already been confirmed with a voucher, they are obliged to notify the Operator thereof.

2. Cancelling a booking is done by cancelling the issued voucher. The down payment made is forfeited to the Operator.

3. In the event of a no-show without prior notification to take the booking specified on the voucher, the booking is cancelled without down payment refund.

IX. Pets

Pets are allowed to stay at the facility after consultation with the Udanypobyt office, depending on the nature of the facility in question.

X. Force majeure

In case of unforeseeable circumstances, the results of which cannot be immediately eliminated by usual means, the Owner reserves the right to offer the Client a substitute accommodation similar to the one initially booked. In case of force majeure events, the Owner has the right to cancel the contract. It also concerns situations when the personal safety of the Client or their property cannot be guaranteed for reasons beyond the Owner’s control. The payments made by the Client are refunded immediately with deduction of the amounts due for the services already provided.

XI. Governing law

The governing law for the disputes between the Owner and the Client is the Polish law. The disputes shall be settled by the competent court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Owner.

XII. Deposit for the duration of the stay

Udanypobyt reserves the right to charge a refundable deposit of PLN 200 – PLN 1000, depending on the standard of the finish and equipment of the facility, in order to cover possible damage caused by the Client. If the chosen facility requires deposits, it shall be mentioned on the voucher, together with the deposit amount.

XIII. Processing and protection of personal data

  1. The Client’s personal data is processed by the Company as the Data Controller for the purpose of providing the services described in the Terms and Conditions. The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means.
  2. Providing the personal data by the Client is voluntary, but necessary for providing services described in these Terms and Conditions. The data is made available by the Client at the stage of making bookings, sending enquiries, writing reviews as well as rectifying or updating their personal data.
  3. The Client’s personal data may be transferred over to bodies entitled to receive it under the law, including the relevant authorities, in accordance with the applicable provisions of law, as well as to third parties performing activities on behalf of the Company within the scope of providing services under these Terms and Conditions, which the Client accepts.
  4. The Company may entrust processing the Client’s personal data to other entities, which the Client accepts.
  5. Further, the processing of the Client’s personal data shall refer to providing appropriate network, hardware and software infrastructure which the Company needs to provide services.

XIV. Final provisions

1. Udanypobyt reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

2. An annex to these Terms and Conditions constituting an integral part thereof is this Privacy Policy. If the Privacy Policy is amended, the Terms and Conditions remain unchanged.

3. These Terms and Conditions enter into force on 23 March 2022.